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California born singer-songwriter, Jaia Suri (pronounced Jy-ah Suh-ree) began her career in the early 2000's with her indie albums Luna-tic (2001), Truck Stop Gypsy (2002), Fire in the Archives (2003), and Strawberry Hat (2007) with Producer Perry Margouleff, Drums Sammy Merendino (Lou Reed, Aretha Franklin, Ziggy Marley), Bass Mark Egan (Sting, Carly Simon, Judy Collins).

Jaia toured the folk circuit throughout her twenties in a vegetable grease powered truck, building a grassroots following of fans who loved the raw honesty, vulnerability, and willingness to challenge the status quo in her songs.

Jaia had a Cat-Stevens-turn-of-events in 2008 and left her budding music career for a monastic spiritual life for over a decade.

She has recently returned to music with a treasure chest of wisdom, life experience, and deep commitment to creativity. Her songs have evolved and matured into richly soaring, spacious, meditations on the deeper elements of life and personal transformation which inspire and move her listeners.

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